Growing up in Chicago Illinois, D Dukes had been the sort of kid who was hesitant and would not talk much with others. It was then that he started writing in order to express himself. Gradually, he stepped into the field of music.


He produces hip hop, rap and freestyle music which is more about storytelling. It is warm, inspirational, and the best thing about it is that it is upbeat.

They say that the quietest of souls are the most intelligent. In his case, it is rightly said. His listeners feel that he should never give up music and always stay consistent. 

His latest release has been a remake of the fabulous “Go Yard Bag”. It is his version of the song and is available on SoundCloud too.

Despite not having performed in front of huge audiences as yet, his shows have always been energetic with mellow vibes and excellent crowd participation. He feels his music is unique and should not be compared with anyone else’s music, and that this quality of his music will grab him a big opportunity some day.


As much as he is into music, he gives to charity too. He donates clothes and other stuff to various charities, regularly. He also donates once or twice a month to Goodwill and the Salvation Army. He believes in bringing a change. 


He has done a show with WGCI Jamal Smallz. His music was played in all other states through internet radio. His songs stayed on top position, on their stations, for weeks.

Currently, he is into songs that he plans to remix very soon. He even has a plan to drop a mixtape and an album in the near future. He is recording his songs and getting them ready to hit the market with a bang.